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Guidance For Quality Judgment Of Refrigerant-R22

            Guidance For Quality Judgment Of Explosion Proof Air Conditioner Refrigerant (For R22)

Market feedback of inpidual venue explosion-proof air-conditioning compressor refrigeration system par ameters are not normal, mainly low pressure, low exhaust temperature and compressor condensation phenomenon, by adjusting the expansion valve opening or refrigerant charge volume are difficult Regulated to a reasonable and safe level, the use of refrigerants users to buy their own brand of refrigerant. The scene by replacing the system and replace the designated brand of genuine refrigerant, the system parameters immediately improve to meet the requirements of commissioning and commissioning of a reasonable level of safety. As a result, there is a significant risk that the refrigerant used by the market will be unidentified, worsen the refrigeration system parameters and make the compressor more prone to failure. It is necessary to check the refrigerant supplied by the customer when the equipment is switched on. The following instructions can be referred to.

As long as there is liquid refrigerant in the field refrigerant bottle (no matter how much liquid is inside), it can be shown that there is a saturated refrigerant in the bottle. The pressure and temperature of saturated liquid are strictly one-to-one correspondence, Of the ambient temperature and pressure of the corresponding preliminary screening may be false refrigerant, the specific steps are as follows:

1) The refrigerant bottle placed in the environment for some time (about half an hour, the longer the better) to refrigerant saturation temperature and ambient temperature tend to be the same;

2) Connect the low pressure or high pressure port in the pressure gauge with the refrigerant bottle and read the pressure value P1;

3) Use a thermometer or a thermometer and other tools to obtain the value of ambient temperature T;

4) According to the temperature T query Schedule 1 get P2; (in the pressure gauge header can also be found on the temperature corresponding to the saturation pressure value P2)

5) To determine whether P1 and P2 are close, if the difference is very far (1bar above), you can initially determine the abnormal refrigerant, the need to feedback to the explosion-proof air-conditioning technology advice.

Table 1 R22 refrigerant saturation temperature corresponding to the pressure value (gauge pressure)

Ambient temperature(℃) Saturation pressure(bar) Ambient temperature(℃) Saturation pressure(bar)
10 5.81 21 8.36
11 6.02 22 8.62
12 6.23 23 8.89
13 6.45 24 9.16
14 6.67 25 9.44
15 6.89 26 9.72
16 7.12 27 10.01
17 7.36 28 10.31
18 7.6 29 10.61
19 7.85 30 10.92
20 8.1    

Judgment example:

Explosion-proof air-conditioning unit at a scene of low low pressure, after repeated testing did not significantly improve the explosion after a burst of supporting the refrigerant, the system pressure parameters back to normal, after comparing the pressure parameters of two bottles of refrigerant, found very different, 1.

In Figure 1, the room temperature is 20.4 ℃ (check the table 1 corresponding to the saturated pressure of the refrigerant should be 8.1bar), the two gauges were connected to the two refrigerant bottles on the left for the company refrigerant pressure (8.1 bar, on the right for a customer to buy refrigerant pressure value (5.5bar). A customer to buy the refrigerant pressure abnormalities, the initial assessment of the refrigerant quality problems, physical parameters have deviated from the normal state.

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