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KBA127 Mine Use Explosion-proof CCTV Camera

Product overview

The KBA127 Mine UseExplosion-proof CCTV Camera adopts an flameproof type structure with explosion protection grade:Exd I Mb. The built-in industrial power module for coal mines can meet the coal mine standard 127V power supply voltage. It can also work under an ultra-wide voltage range of 85-264V and ensure stable work under voltage fluctuations.

KBA127 is designed to meet extremely special environments such as IEC explosive atmosphere standard Class I gas and dustgroup.Its manufacturing complies with China standard GB3836-2010, GB/T 12173-2008 “general mine use electrical equipment regulations’ and MT209 ‘coal mine communication , General technical requirements for electrical and electronic products for detection and control’. It is mainly usedfor High-definition video surveillance needs in areas such as coal-related explosion-proof areas in mines under Class I explosion-proof areas, mine explosion-proof areas under methane gas environments, and used in underground mine roadways, substations, heading faces and other environments.

With the development of network high-definition monitoring technology, KBA127 has been configured with Hikvision professional high-definition network cameras by default from the factory, supporting mega-pixel high-definition manual zoom and automatic iris lens to provide stable monitoring imaging requirements for underground mines. Our historically sold mining camera with analog signal output is still working stably. In order to take into account the operating requirements of the old system,KBA127can support analog and network dual output modes, and can also provide pure analog signal matching products according to customer interface requirements .

The shell is made of 304 stainless steel, and the protection level can reach IP68, which can meet the various strict requirements in the harsh working environment. It can ensure the reliable and stable operation of inside camera under the working environment. It can achieve minimal equipment downtime and lower total cost of ownership.

The product comes with a constant current infrared light source by default, supports infrared supplementary light to increase the monitoring requirements in low-illuminance environments, and can be equipped optional with a white light cold light source.

Output signal: support analog signal output, network high-definition signal output, support node type cascaded optical signal output (single mode single fiber).


Class I explosion-proof areas. Coal-related explosion-proof areas under coal mines are used for high-definition monitoring requirements in environments such as underground roadways, substations, and driving faces.

Equipment Consultation


  1. Flameproof type , with coal safety MA mark, can be used in China standard(based on IEC) Class I coal mine gas environment.

  2. With MA mining product safety mark certificate,explosion-proof certificate manufactured under qualified coal product production license.

  3. The view windows are made of special tempered flat glass, which guarantees the clear picture quality while sturdy and durable to ensure explosion-proof requirements.

  4. Unique drawer type installation design, inside can install a variety of integrated PTZ zoom, bullet camera, fixed focus camera and power supply and other accessories.

  5. Support single mode single fiber optical output mode.

  6. It supports access to the network monitoring  , remote monitoring, mobile phone monitoring and multiple platform video monitoring docking, as well as monitoring and display of large-screen splicing TV walls.

  7. Support Onvif protocol, Ehome protocol, GB28181 platform access, compatible with Hikvision Dahua and other multi-manufacturers' protocols and access back-end system products. Support H.265 264 MJPEG encoding format.

Purchase Model 

KBA127                 2MP Analog network dual signal output.

KBA127-F             2MP Network optical fiber node type output.

KBA127-S700TVL Pure analog output + analog light output (discontinued, but can be ordered)

The definition can be improved and changed within the allowable range of the controlled components if the default camera parameters do not meet the project requirements.

Installation accessories

For fixed explosion-proof camera,generally excluding the miniature barrel camera case

Semi-fixed pan/tilt (YTSZ-TJ-304) for angle adjustment type, with standardstainless steel 304

Wall mount camera bracket (YTSZ-1-BZ-304), with standard stainless steel 304

Hanging camera bracket (YTSZ-1-DZ-304) ,with standard stainless steel 304

Corner camera bracket (YTSZ-1-QZ-304) ,with standard stainless steel 304

Round tube pole holding camera bracket (YTSZ-1-LZ-304) ,with standard stainless steel 304 Customized mounting bracket (YTSZ-1-FBSJ-),will design based on the mount location upon request

Output Cable

Electric signal output type: the factory comes standard with a 2-meter mining power supply test line, and a 2-meter mining network cable. It can be connected and extended through the mine explosion-proof junction box, or the test line field cable and network cable/coaxial line can be removed and directly connected inside the mine flameproof camera, and the explosion-proof cable entry device should be sealed.

Optical signal output type: the factory comes standard with a 2 meter test line. When installing on site, the power supply cable is directly connected to the inside of the device, and the optical cable is welded inside the device.

Node type 3 electric 2 optical fiber: Connection mode of signal output: hand in hand. The first mine explosion-proof camera is connected to the second fiber port 1, and the second fiber port 2 is connected to the third fiber port 1. Realize cascaded transmission to the total fiber receiving end. This reduces the construction and wiring costs, and more Design layout of monitoring points suitable for coal mine tunnel environment.

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